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ZX14 True Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger | ID 1525
Product ID 1525
Manufacturer Kawasaki
ZX14 True Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger | ID 1525
These are direct replacements to your factory Belly Pans

Full Carbon Fiber Not over lay fiberglass

Feel Free to check out our other Carbon Fiber Parts in our ZX14 Carbon Fiber Section

Remove original chain guard. Remove screw holding front brake hose clip to swing arm.Slide hugger into position and fit to original chain guard positions using M6 x 12mm socket flangescrews with nylon washers. Do not fully tighten.
Refit brake hose clip using M6 x 20rnm socket flange screw then fully tighten. Fit thick rubber washer toprotruding end of screw then fit through hole in hugger, secure using steel washer and nyloc nut. Extrarubber washers can be used as spacers to centralize the hugger (see photo). Optional sticky rubber stripis supplied to fix to swing arm under front ledge of hugger use only if vibration is a problem. Fullytighten nyloc nut and socket screws making sure front ledge of hugger is sat flush on swing arm.

2 x M6 x 12mm socket flange screws
1 x M6 x 20mm socket flange screw
3 x rubber washer
1 x M6 large steel washer
1 x M6 nyloc nut
2 x M6 nylon washer
1 x rubber strip

Price: $299.99
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