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Show Chrome Service

show chrome
Show Chrome is one of the most popular processes used in the customizing field. When done properly Show Chrome can really add the "WOW" factor to your sportbike.

This Process utilizes a 5 - Layer electro-plating process, including three (3) Nickels and Hexavalient chrome. Unlike "Triple-Plating"metal chroming, which can have a brown or yellowish tint, this process produces a very bright, "Blue-White" Shine.

Virtually any part of your ride can be Chrome-Plated. From Frames to Bolts ... Aluminum to Steel ... Magnesium to Plastic ... We offer it all!!!!!!

For more information on this service contact us

Powder Coating Service

show chrome
Powder Coating incorporates a heavy pigment (color) in a resin base that is sprayed onto a metal piece and then cured at very high temperatures to produce an extremely durable, smooth finish.

There are a large variety of colors and finished available with this process... from opaque to transparent ... gloss to matt ... solid to fleck ... each providing a special one off look.

Powder Coating also offers a lot of flexibility. it can be used by itself or combines with other processes, such as, Chrome or Polishing. This process can even be applied using more than one color per piece!!

For more information on this service contact us

Triple Plated Plastic Chrome Service

show chrome
Triple Plated Chrome is done best in stages. This process is not easy but when done properly it is Amazing to see.

Raw Material:
First, we start by preparing the plastic or other non-conductive material for conductivity. This allows us to electroplate the plastic just like we do on metal services. If plastic is textured, all texture must be removed for a final smooth mirror finish.

Copper Plating:
Then, once the parts are copper plated they are polished to a mirror finish to remove imperfections, because the flexibility ans sensitivity of some plastics experience and knowledge is required to perfect the copper plating process

Nickel and Chrome Plating:
This step is what keeps the plastic shine to it's perfection. Most imitation chrome finishes will turn yellow in No Time and where our Real Chrome process will not. The reflectivity and corrosion resistance is what make the process the Top Choice of any and all Chrome Enthusiast

Note: Items to be Chromed are but no limited to - Plastic, Poly, Fiberglass, Moulded and Others

Parts Included but not limited to:

For more information on this service contact us

Anodizing Service

show chrome
Anodizing is an electrolytic process for producing controlled aluminum oxide films on aluminum. Oxide forms naturally on untreated aluminum but the anodizing process produces a coating which is uniform, much harder, and more dense than natural oxidation. The anodic film is formed by converting the surface of the part into aluminum oxide.

Unlike paint, which can flake off if not applied properly, anodized finishes are actually formed from the original material and cannot flake off. The aluminum oxide finish is very hard and exceptionally wear resistant. We also offer Teflon impregnation to further enhance your parts resistance to wear.

Parts can be dyed during the anodizing process to produce luxurious finishes with a deep color that can only be imitated by paint.

For more information on this service contact us

Custom Paint Service

show chrome
Color selection is virtually unlimited with high and low gloss, metallic, and clear finishes available. Texture selections range from smooth surfaces to a wrinkled or matte finish, and rough textures designed for hiding surface imperfections.

No matter what you ride, the right custom paint and airbrushing will set you apart and we do only the highest level of work!! Our secret is true experience combined with talent. Our ideas that are so clean and crisp will take your bike to the first place win every time.

Also offering a Rendering Service that allows the customer to work with our design team in ensuring the proper and desired look. We offer custom painting and designs for all gender riders.

For more information on this service contact us

Seat Upholstery Service

show chrome
As more and more people customize their motorcycles, they often overlook one of the most visible objects on the bike- their seat. Why not put the finishing touch in a quality custom motorcycle seat along with the customization Fat300 can bring you. Add some style to an otherwise plain looking seat. That is where WE come in. Offering "ONE OFF" seats and covers for all makes or models.

We also offer pre-made custom seat covers for most makes ans models

For more information on this service contact us

Black Chrome / Gold Plating

show chrome

Black Chrome:

Actual Black Chrome is similar to Show Chrome in its application. The only difference being the last layer of chromium is actually treated to give it a blackend cast. The results are a lustrous dark appreance that shimmers in the light

Gold Plating:

This process is the "Real Deal" 18 - 24 carat gold is applied to the piece after it is finished the Show chrome Service, giving it the rich apprearence that it Truly is ... GOLD!!!

For more information on this service contact us

Factory Chrome Sportbike Wheel Exchange Service

show chrome
Service entails exchanging your stock rims for the same wheels / rims in chrome. You must send your existing stock rims to us first to check, ensure straightness, and that they are not bend. Once confirmed or deemed in good shape the same wheels in chrome will be sent to you. Also Available Core Charge Plus Exchange. See Wheels for more details

Year, Make and Model Wheels or Rims not above or need more information - contact us


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